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Do you vacuum combustible material such as coal dust, bio-fuels etc?

All our vacuum machines are fitted with fully compliant explosion relief panels as standard to make them ATEX compliant for use with ST1 class combustible dusts, such as coal dust or bio-fuels.

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations, 2002 (DSEAR) came into force on 9th December 2002 and were the vehicle by which the 1999/92/EC ATEX Directive has been implemented into UK legislation. DSEAR requires employers to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of workers where dangerous substances, including material which could cause a dust explosion, are been handled.

Most organic products such as coal dust, sugar, bio fuels etc. can create a dust explosion hazard. Dust will separate out in the vacuum skips and hoppers, and if combustible, a dust explosion risk may occur.

We have developed a special range of modified equipment to meet the regulations when vacuuming ST1 Class dust. ATEX compliant equipment is available for both hire and sale.

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ATEX page RightHandSide top photo