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ATEX compliant GWS vacuum equipment provided to saw mill

Wednesday, 15 August 2018 10:19

ATEX compliant GWS vacuum equipment provided to saw mill

We recently hired some of our vacuum equipment to a saw mill operating from one of Europe’s largest commercial woodland. Dalby Forest in the North East of England spreads to over 8,000 acres situated on the southern slopes of the beautiful North York Moors National Park.

We supplied our ATEX compliant Vacuum Equipment for use with ST1 class combustible dusts, such as saw dust.

Our 50 Series Diesel Vacuum Machine and Filter Hopper were used to deposit their collected saw dust into 1-Ton FIBC Big Bags, so no dust was released on site. The equipment was used to vacuum remove debris from a ventilated drying floor.

Using our powerful vacuum equipment they were able to complete the work in under two days, which minimised their down time and kept hire costs to a minimum.

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