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Collection Hoppers

Filter Hopper

Filter Hoppers are ideal for conveying light, dry and dusty type products such as powders, activated carbon, boiler dusts and incinerator ash. All material is stopped and discharged cleanly from one point which helps to reduce airborne dust escaping.

  • Fitted with 1-micron filters. Stops virtually all material in one place. Helps to reduce airborne dusts and keep site conditions clean.
  • Fitted with fold down Handrails. Enables easy compliance with Working at Height regulations.
  • Fully contain material by filling convenient 1-ton bags, barrels, IBC's etc.

Standard Hopper

Standard Hoppers have a capacity of 3 cubic metres and are good for heavier products such as sand, shot blast or liquids.

Both our standard and filter hoppers fill convenient 1-ton bags, barrels and IBC's. Many sites now demand waste is collected into 1-ton bags to comply with health & safety legislation. Waste is contained, airborne dusts are kept to a minimum and site conditions are kept clean and healthy.

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Filter Hopper

3m3 Standard Hopperfor Hopper Hire page