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“We have been using GWS Vacuum equipment for over 15 years. Both the Diesel and Electric vacuum equipment used on our site have always been very reliable.
We vacuum large quantities of heavy pulverised ash from the top floor of the boiler house approximately 70 metres from the point of work down to the vacuum equipment, it is vacuumed with no effort at all.”

"We will continue to use GWS vacuum equipment due to the fact that the equipment is robust and very reliable"

Johnson Matthey

“We have received excellent service and quality of equipment from GWS, the response time is excellent”


“All aspects of service from GWS are excellent from the enquiry to the hire and return.”


“We have purchased a 104 Series Diesel Vacuum machine from GWS. It delivers powerful performance and is reliable, robust and easy to use."

"We have found their service to be helpful and efficient and would happily recommend their products.”

TATA Steel

"The electric vac machine is a low maintenance, high availability machine. We started with one and now we have a fleet of four."

"These machines are very easy to use and are perfect for the application of cleaning up crushed coal spillages.”

Hargreaves Services PLC

“Always a very efficient, professional service.”

Saudi Catalyst Handling Contractor

"In 2009 we purchased Catalyst Handling Equipment from GWS for the Middle East. It is definitely some of the best equipment we have. Low maintenance, ultra safe, easy to use, robust and compact. Last year we added some more of the same equipment from GWS to keep up with demand. Happy customer"